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    Bands & Bubbles Bootcamp


    Do you wanna “Be Your Own BODDee Goals” in 2021? Well join me on January 2nd for “Bands & Bubbles Bootcamp”!

    This hour long bootcamp will be divided into two parts! The first part will be done using the best piece of equipment out there...your “BODDee”, followed by part two which will incorporate “BODDee Bands”, mini loop resistance bands! The bands are NOT required HOWEVER, in order to maximize resistance and results, they are HIGHLY recommended!

    You’re probably wondering where the “bubbles” come in at? Well, once you
    survive the grueling workout, you’ll be rewarded with some champagne! I know, I know, champagne after a workout sounds bad but what better way to bring in the New Year than with a toast to achieving your BODDee Goals in 2021!

    “Bands & Bubbles Bootcamp” details:
    1️⃣ Please bring a water bottle, yoga mat and/or towel for floor work.
    2️⃣Due to Covid 19, SPACE IS LIMITED.
    3️⃣Temperature checks will be administered and waivers must be signed so please arrive EARLY! Doors will CLOSE at 11:50am.
    4️⃣Masks REQUIRED. (I know, this part sucks but better safe than sorry❤️)
    5️⃣ Come ready to work, leave ready to “Be Your Own BODDee Goals”