• Be Your Own BODDee Goals
  • About Me

    Born to Jamaican Parents in Detroit, Michigan, I’ve never wanted for anything, especially food. Like many households, wasting food wasn’t an option for me so I became best friends with whatever was placed in front of me. My parents began to realize that my intake was more than my output and wanted me to become more active, so they put into dance classes, which turned out to be a blessing and a curse. I trained as a dancer for over 15 years and spent hours each week working to perfect my craft. As my teenage years approached so did the self-harm and hate. Although I loved to dance, I despised going to dance class because I was constantly compared to the “front row” girls. According to ballet standards back then, I didn’t have the proper body type to make it out of the back row.

    As my training as a dancer ended, I slowly began to rebuild my confidence by joining a gym and focusing on me from the inside, out. After a short time, I fell in love with working out but still struggled with being consistent and having realistic exceptions for my body. I spent years beating myself up emotionally, physically and mentally. I compared myself to other women, wanting what they had instead of loving and appreciated what I was blessed with. As I got older, I realized that being the best me was the only goal I wanted to reach. I stopped relying on what others thought was “Body Goals” and became my own “BODDee Goals”. I want to inspire others to not only love themselves but to push through the pressures of society and “Be Your Own BODDee Goals”.